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Help us complete the $6 Million Matching Gift Challenge to build Francisco Park!

Francisco Park is the city’s largest public park project in which a majority of the design, construction, and maintenance costs will be covered by private donations.Thanks to our community we have secured more than $12 million in pledges towards the $25 million budget to design and build Francisco Park. Now, we are raising $5 million towards the generous matching gift grant from a local family. If we raise $5 million by the December 31, 2018, it will unlock an additional $6 million gift which, combined with our existing gifts, will allow us to begin construction on Francisco Park!

Will you help us build Francisco Park?

“We are at a tipping point. That is why we decided to support Francisco Park in a meaningful way.”
—Chris Larsen, Leadership Donor

“Francisco Park is for our children and our future generations. There is no better investment.”
—Helen Hilton Raiser, Board Member and Leadership Donor