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Francisco Park

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After raising more than $22 million in contributions and pledges from hundreds of community members and organizations, construction began in July of 2019! We are still working hard to fundraise an additional $2.5 million to preserve a few key features of the park, opening in late 2020.


Video Overview

The City of San Francisco has given the community a unique opportunity to transform the unused Francisco Reservoir site into a brand new public park overlooking some of the most famous scenery in the world. Watch this short video to learn the history, latest news, and how you can get involved.


We believe parkland is essential to the health of this city: its people, its plants, and its animals. We believe this new city park will become an oasis of natural beauty and stunning vistas, protected for generations.

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Approved Conceptual Design

After extensive community outreach, we arrived on a conceptual design which incorporates native plants and trees, as well as an ADA-accessible pathway linking features including a central green lawn, children’s playground, fenced dog-run, community garden, and view terraces.

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Project News

Francisco Park Conservancy is working in partnership with the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department